Announcing Audeze headphones now available on LosslessLife. Audiophile grade planar magnetic headphones with exceptional craftsmanship.

Lossless Life and Audeze


Audeze started as a Do It Yourself (DIY) headphone project in a garage amongst a few friends. The HiFi community was extremely impressed by the performance of their headphones as they stood amongst the best performing in the world. Audeze specializes in planar magnetic technology which produces a very accurate, fast, low distortion sound. Very hard to beat.

The build quality of these headphones is simply amazing. A lot of careful thought has been put into every inch of these headphones. From the fine Italian leathers, the planar magnetic technology, to the hand chosen wood used for each headphone. Not to mention each headphone is manually tested before signed off. Rest assure, when you purchase an Audeze product you purchase quality.

Lossless Life aims for perfection and after we tried a pair of Audeze LCD-3’s for the first time, we were convinced that so does Audeze. Performance, design, precision, build quality, and passionately driven is why LosslessLife is proud to support this fellow local Southern California company who shares the same beliefs.