About Lossless Life

Lossless Life is a small team of independent and dedicated audiophile enthusiast. Founded by Richard Sumilang, a technology specialist in the entertainment industry whose motto is to provide quality over quantity.

Our base of operations is located in the heart of “The Golden State”. We have the spirit of Hollywood in our blood. Lossless Life provides sales in service from Los Angeles, California. Established in 2015, we strive to help our customers find the utmost best in high resolution audio equipment available.

We welcome our customers to save more money with every purchase through our LosslessClub loyalty program that is in automatic effect upon your first purchase.

More About Lossless Life

  • No tax. We pay it for you.
  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Earn $5 cash back for every $100 you spend
  • Fast, guaranteed delivery
  • 15-day returns policy
  • Free repairs or replacements under warranty
  • Demonstrate product capabilities at your door step

Please read our Mission Statement

Bidirectional Listening

Lossless Life listens very closely to the audiophile communities, respectively. We see trends and filter out biased opinions by trying out each individual product. This is how we make educated decisions.

We also value our customers and enjoy having discussions comparing products, even ones we don’t sell. We welcome feedback from our customers, so please contact us with any questions, comments, or issues.